A desire to complete a work of art can intimidate the very initiative. Yet such a work can beautifully and endlessly express an artist’s passion for process, story, discovery and possibility. Such passion is at the centre of Andrea Soos’ practice.


Each element of Soos’ abstractions shows a process balancing spontaneity with deliberate intent. The blithe motion of her pencil lines are too idiosyncratic to have pre-planning behind them, yet they show no sign of hesitation; they are firm in pressure and consistent in flow. The colour markings she interweaves with them are balanced and keenly placed, yet unexpected. Soos seems to be at play in the open space that meditative presence offers. There is depth in her movement, underlying levity and risk. One gesture seems unexpected across the previous one. A line’s dancerly cursive offsets its rough density; a patch of sunlit colour bleeds raw across the paper, only to be criss-crossed with focussed, patterned markings. Soos offsets care with rawness. And while her process reflects complexity and counterpoint, she arrives easily at the precise moment between too much and too little.


Soos’ pieces reflect the same openness to experience with her media that she encourages in her studio. The approach is about responsiveness and joy in one’s inner engagement in the moment, with colour, form and composition. Her body of work does not show a refusal to be categorized, but rather a simple embracing of the alternatives - curiosity, dynamism, and boundlessness. As varied as her pieces are, her generosity with her own intuitions and spirit traces an unintentional thread through them. Each work is alive and radiates with play.


This same generosity makes Soos the model for her ideals around process, and the champion of the many different artists she guides. As is true of an individual piece, a person’s creativity is a process. Whatever our obstacles, Soos’ intention is that we simply bypass them in the doing. If we allow ourselves to work in the moment with the materials at hand, our intuitions are allowed in automatically.


Soos strives to be a supportive and engaging peer and educator in her field. Since her BFA training there, Soos continues to find her creative home in Victoria. Listening to and following the promptings of her own artistic voice, she helps more and more people find theirs.



photos by berkley vopnfjord, sarah macneill and joshua lawrence